1. Ibaadat is not only Salaat, Fasting etc... (22.11.2019)

2. 19 Etiquette's of Salaam(greetings) (05.05.2019)


4. Hadhrat Umar- Summoned to Court (07.04.2019)

5. Perhaps This is the Last sin (03.04.2018)

6. What is Khilaafat and What is Democracy? (16.12.2017)

7. Couple's Love (16.11.2017)



1.Westernized Intellegentsia- (08.05.20)

2. Destruction of the Musaajid by The Munaafiqeen- (06.05.20)

3. Friend of The Court- Enemy of Allah- (05.05.20)

4. House of The Munaafiqeen- (17.04.20)

5. Chicanery and Fraud of The Munaafiqeen- (15.04.20)

6. Awake 2020- (14.04.20)

7. Deception of Youth campus- (12.04.20)

8. The Prohibition Women Travelling Without Mahrams (10.04.20)










Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Sitting With Those Who Gossip-Gheebat (added-05.03.20)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -The Inner And Outer Appearance Of Insaan (added-25.02.20)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -If You Knew What I Knew (added-20.02.20)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Dua In Seclusion (added-15.12.19)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -The Meaning Of Dua (added-05.12.19)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Giving Naseehat Of Deen (added-02.12.19)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -The Search For Five Things-Concluded (added-30.11.19)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -The Search For Five Things-Part 3 (added-25.11.19)



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The Road to Islam


A compilation of the accounts of former non-Muslims on how they came to accept Islám. Their personal accounts of their journeys to Islám will inspire all those who read these very interesting personal narratives

Published by: Al Naml Publications

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