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Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai - Do Not Punish Us (added-12.04.18)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai - Remembering A Past Sin (added-05.04.18)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai - People Of The Unseen (added-03.04.18)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai - Speak Against Sin (added-31.03.18)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai - Remain Firm On Taubah (added-29.03.18)


- Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai Saheb

Do Not Punish Us (added 12.04.18)

Remembering A Past Sin (added 05.04.18)

People Of The Unseen (added 03.04.18)

Speak Against Sin (added 31.03.18)

Remain Firm On Taubah (added 29.03.18)

Cultivate Your Contentment (added 24.03.18)

One Who Breaks His Taubah (added 22.03.18)

Allah's Revenge (added 20.03.18)

Remorse In The Heart (added 06.03.18)

Whispers Of Shaitaan (added 03.03.18)  

Passing Over Jahannum (added 01.03.18)  

A Pious Woman (added 27.02.18)  

Showing Shukr (added 24.02.18)  

Distressing Allah's Wali (added 22.02.18)  

Your Trust In Allah Taala(added 17.02.18)  

Listening To The Nafs (added 10.02.18) 

Abandoning Something Superior (added 08.02.18)

A Sinner Losing Hope (added 06.02.18)

A Locked Heart (added 03.02.18)

15 Ahaadith (added 01.02.18)

Losing Hope In Allahs Mercy.(added 09.01.18)

Intention To Execute Him(added 04.01.18)

Seeking Forgiveness From Allah Ta'ala (added 26.12.17)

No One To Clear The Path (added 13.12.17)

A False Accusation (added 11.12.17)

Adaab (added 09.12.17)

When I Die (added 02.12.17)

War From Allah Ta'ala For These Sins (added 28.11.17)

A Noble Person (added 18.11.17)

Rajaa-Hope(added 17.11.17)

Riba-Interest(added 16.11.17)

Grief-Sadness(added 04.11.17)

Power Of The Mind(added 02.11.17)

To Be Contented(added 28.10.17)

The Dog In the Hut (added 27.10.17)

Break The Nafs For Ibaadat (added 26.10.17)

Whatever Keeps You Away From Allah Taala (added 25.10.17)

Their Firm Belief Of Humility (added 24.10.17)

Cairo Egypt (added 12.10.17)

One Who Displays Pride(added 10.10.17)

To Be United Together With(added 07.10.17)

In The State Of Absorption(added 05.10.17)

Ridhaa To Be Pleased With Allah's Decree(added 04.10.17)

Humility Of The Pious(added 03.10.17)

Attracting Enemies (added 28.09.17)

People Soft As velvet (added 26.09.17)

Bayazid Apologises (added 23.09.17)

What Is Tasawwuf (added 21.09.17)

To Swear Or Fight With A Muslim (added 19.09.17)

Solitude (added 16.09.17)

People Who Are A Cure (added 17.08.17)

People Who Are A Cure (added 17.08.17)

The Bounties Of Allah Ta'ala (added 27.07.17)

Their Friendship Was Far (added 25.07.17)

The Short Rakaats At Night (added 17.06.17)

The Inmates Of The Grave (added 10.06.17)

The Mayyit (added 03.06.17)

Fruit Turned Into Stone(added 25.05.17)

Friendship From A Distance(added 23.05.17)

The Water Of The Well(added 29.04.17)

The Transgender(added 27.04.17)

Yours Faults(added 25.04.17)

One Who Ate Lightly(added 22.04.17)

Letter Of Naseehat(added 18.04.17)

Knowledge Of The Auliya(added 15.04.17)

The Three Rites (added 13.04.17)

Letters Of Naseehat (added 11.04.17)

Protecting The Heart (added 08.04.17)

Do Not Hold In Contempt (added 06.04.17)

Becoming Enemies (added 04.04.17)

The Morning Breeze (added 01.04.17)

Nobility Without Practise (added 30.03.17)

To Ask A Wordly Thing In The Musjid (added 28.03.17)

Seeking Taufeeq From AllahTaala (added 18.03.17)

Weakness Of The Ummah (added 16.03.17)

Like His Messenger From The Grave (added 14.03.17)

Body here Heart There (added 11.03.17)

Weakness In Ummah Because Of Our Weakness (added 09.03.17)

A Good Person A Genuine Begger (added 07.03.17)

The Abode Of Trials (added 04.03.17)

Reformation Of Our Deen (added 02.03.17)

The Fish Taken For Interest Payment (added 28.02.17)

The Garments Of The Slave (added 27.02.17)

Thikr Is Life (added 23.02.17)

Meet The Pious Begger (added 21.02.17)

Unconcerned About the Hereafter (added 18.02.17)

No Thikr Better Than Reading the Quraan (added 16.02.17)

 Food Prepared with Show (added 14.02.17)

 Ability to Repent (added 11.02.17)

 Shaikh Following the Ahlus Sunnah (added 09.02.17)

 To Become a Perfect Human Being (added 07.02.17)

 Firmness on a Good Deed (added 02.02.17)

 A walimah (added 25.01.17)

 Sunday Majlis P3 (added 12.01.17)

 Sunday Majlis Pt2 (added 12.01.17)

 Sunday Majlis Pt1-intro (added 11.01.17)

 Advice for eating elsewhere or at someone house (added 05.01.17)

 Tawakkul (added 02.01.17)

 Intention (added 27.12.16)

 Taubah has 6 meanings (added 20.12.16)

 Compare your deeds  (added 17.12.16)

 Sacrifice to show love (added 12.12.16)

 The meaning of Shukar (added 10.12.16)

 The foresight of a Mu'min? (added 06.12.16)

 To give a beggar or not? (added 02.12.16)

 A zaahid (added 26.11.16)

 One without friends (added 26.11.16)

 Your helper at the time of death (added 23.11.16)

 Things you desire (added 19.11.16)

 Friendsip for the sake of Allah (added 17.11.16)

 To be neglectful (added 15.11.16)

 A symbol of Taqwa (added 08.11.16)

 Islaah is waajib_pt2 (added 04.11.16)

 Islaah is waajib (added 31.10.16)

 Ulama and the public (added 26.10.16)

 Cassette rec-1980's-Naseehat of Hadhrat Shafeeq Balkhi rahmatullah alayh_PT4 (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-1980's-Naseehat of Hadhrat Shafeeq Balkhi rahmatullah alayh_PT3 (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-1980's-Naseehat of Hadhrat Shafeeq Balkhi rahmatullah alayh_PT2 (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-1980s-Naseehat of Hadhrat Shafeeq Balkhi rahmatullah alayh_PT1 (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-Naseehat of Imam Ghazaali_PT4_Halaal bayaan (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-Naseehat of Imam Ghazaali_PT3_fasting continued (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-Naseehat of Imam Ghazaali_PT2_Fasting (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-Naseehat of Imam Ghazaali_PT1_Sadaqah (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-Zikr-e-ilaahi (added 20.10.16)

 Cassette rec-Doubt in Ibaadat (added 20.10.16)

 Assisting an enemy (added 19.10.16)

 Strengthen your bond with Allah Ta'ala (added 19.10.16)

 Overpoort Majlis (added 17.10.16)

Advices of Alaamah Sha'raani rahmatullah alayh PT4(added 17.10.16)

Advices of Alaamah Sha'raani rahmatullah alayh PT3(added 17.10.16)

Advices of Alaamah Sha'raani rahmatullah alayh PT2(added 17.10.16)

Advices of Alaamah Sha'raani rahmatullah alayh PT1(added 17.10.16)

 Surah Faatiha as a cure (added 21.07.16)

 Food for the beggar (added 19.05.16)

 Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (Rahmatullah alayh) (added 18.05.16)

 Calamities (added 18.05.16)

 Everything has an effect (added 10.05.16)

Our opinion of the laws (added 26.04.16)

True friends (added 26.04.16)

Parents (added 11.01.16)

Azaab and the function of the Ulama (added 11.01.16)

Friendship with Allah Ta'ala (added 24.12.15)

Requisites for the intelligent (added 24.12.15)

Islamic studies- Islaahi Bayaan (added 3.11.15)

Islamic studies- Insaan and Hayawaan (added 19.10.15)

Islamic studies- The reality (added 06.10.15)

Thikrullah (added 20.08.15)

continued from part 1 below- A Real Khanqah is not the tasbeeh (added 15.08.15)

Part1_correcting faults and advising others (added 15.08.15)

Hijaab for the Sheikh (added 14.08.15)

Errors of the Ulama (added 14.08.15)

Old Age and Amr bil Ma'roof (added 08.08.15)

Mass I'tikaaf part 2 (added 06.08.15)

Mass I'tikaaf part 1 (added 06.08.15)

Concerntration in Salaah (added 22.06.15)

 Tolerance (added 22.06.15)

 The Qualities of a Shaikh (added 15.05.15)

 Reason for Khaleelulah (added 15.05.15)

 Islaahi Bayaan





Earning a livelihood

Bangladesh prison issue Pt1

Bangladesh prison issue Pt2



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