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Posted by Louise Turner in News  ‘Here are some simple burning questions whose answers can only be described by the globalist plans for a new world order. These questions strike at the root of the question all of humanity is asking: Who is ISIS?

1. Where do they bank? Or do they have a money tree?
2. Where do they get their guns from?  Bullets? Knives?

3. Where do they eat, how do they get their food?

4. Where do they sleep, where do they get toiletries?

5. Where is their military base? They DO stick together right?


6. Since we know where they are why can’t they simply be rounded up in a way that doesn’t involve any nation attacks? But wait …

7. Who is their leader and how did he learn to outsmart the world’s greatest  military and outperform all generals in U.S. history?8. How does ISIS avoid NSA surveillance? 

8. How do they communicate and avoid all communication systems at the same time?

9. How do they avoid military and government satellite surveillance and tracking?

10. How does the mainstream media and all the CIA pundits on TV like Colonel Anthony Shaffer know so  much about how dangerous ISIS is yet  they know nothing else like where they got their weapons from or how they were created? Oh wait, how did Shaffer obtain his knowledge about them? Who specifically did he speakto?

11. Why is the (CIA) chain of command that ISIS responds to not  reported by mainstream media?

12. When did the first ISIS meeting take place and why?

13. Why is the simple facts about the they know nothing else like wherethey got their weapons from or howthey were created? Oh wait, how didShaffer obtain his knowledge aboutthem? Who specifically did he speakto?

14. Why is the (CIA) chain of command that ISIS responds to not reported by mainstream media?

15. When did the first ISIS meetingtake place and why?

16. Why is the simple facts about the creation of ISIS so clear and documented in the alternative and worldwide media except in the tiny circle of Zionist companies that control Western media?

Here are a few more burning direct questions that all of humanity is really asking.  

17. Why does everything ISIS does fit in so perfectly with the Bush NeoconProject For A New American Century? – Why does it fit in so perfectlywith the globalist new world order plans like a perfect fitting shoe or glove?? 

18. Should this wide disconnect aboutthe reporting of who ISIS is and howthey were created and funded be thelast straw for mainstream media?

19. Can the world afford to live in theWestern mainstream media paradigmanymore?
As we contemplate these questionslet us remember that the mainstreammedia in America is controlled by only 6 companies and all of them are onthe same page when it comes to Israel,the global government agenda, theU.S./U.N. led new world order plans,the Project for a New American century, the wishes of the Council on Foreign Relations and all CIA (Mossad)  backed operations. It’s all part of the same story and the same paradigm.

So while the mainstream media continues to lie and spin stories designed to make you think that ISIS is a mysterious and dangerous gang whose efeating

can only occur with more bombing of Iraq and illegal invasion of Syria, don’t forget that no “army”  exists to make headline news that challenges massive empires without massive support. There are no trees that grow guns, bullets and other weapons, they must be supplied by someone. The same can be said about all resources including money, food, shelter, water and other basic needs of  life. Everyone who works for a living and anyone who is struggling or has struggled financially to survive can appreciate this. Let us not be fooled by artificially engineered Western media narratives that not only fit in perfectly with the globalists stated goals of taking over the Middle East clearly outlined in the Project For A New American Century paper titled Rebuilding America’s De- fences. From a common sense point of view, it isn’t very difficult to see how the on-going mainstream media narratives about ISIS no longer makes any financial or practical sense from a dayto-day/daily-living point of view.

Article Source: Activist Post



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