CLOVER CREAM, according to the manufacturers is Haraam despite SANHA’s claim of ‘halaal’. Clover wrote in response to a Muslim lady:

 “The Clover cream has not been Halaal certified for a number of years now due to the fact that the stabilizer used in the cream is not Halaal suitable.”

 Contradicting the manufacturers, SANHA wrote to the Muslim lady: “Clover Fresh Cream is a Halaal suitable product as per the information at our disposal.” SANHA is silent regarding the “information at its disposal”. While halaalizing a haraam product by SANHA is not at all surprising, this carrion halaalizer has thrown all caution to the winds. Despite the manufacturer saying that the stabilizer used in the cream is not halaal, SANHA persists that the haraam cream is halaal.

 Although the statement of a non-Muslim relative to Deeni issues, e.g. halalal and haram, is not valid, the contention of SANHA is worse. SANHA is supposed to be aware of the fact that stabilizers are derived from both animal and plant sources. Even non-Muslims are fully aware that animal-derived ingredients are not halaal for

Muslims. Since the stabilizer used in the cream is derived from animal sources, the company said that it is not “Halaal suitable”. As such, SANHA’s claim is baseless and haram. CLOVER CREAM CONTAINING ANIMAL STABILIZER IS HARAAM.





“Are any chicken and meat products certified halaal by The Majlis? I do not know which Muslim butchery and Muslim chicken supplier to trust. The frequent scandals in the meat and chicken industry have created too much distrust. It has become very clear that none of the halaal certifiers can be trusted. Are you perhaps aware of any trustworthy Muslim butcheries on whom we can rely for our meat products?




We are not aware of any trustworthy Muslim butcheries in the country. There may be, but it will be rare, and we are unaware. In general, the whole miserable lot of butcheries and chicken-killers brutally pillage and plunder the Imaan of Muslims with the haraam meat and chicken products they feed Muslims. 


Even those who appear to be ostensibly ‘pious’ are governed by the monetary factor which desensitizes the heart. They are capable of producing plausible arguments to justify their haraam meat and chicken carrion wares. 


All cattle are killed before the so-called ‘slaughtering’ is effected. A long metal bolt is brutally shot from a high-powered gun into the skull of the animal, smashing its brains to smithereens, and causing it to drop in most cases instantaneously.  While Muslims, primarily the Carrion-Halaalizers such as MJC, SANHA and NIHT, vigorously contend that the animal brutally destroyed with the captive-bolt gun is alive after its brain has been brutally smashed into atoms,  Kuffaar experts  contend  that the animals subject to this brutal system of killing dies almost instantaneously. The report in this bulletin also mentions this fact. Thus all beef in the country is HARAAM. In addition, these ‘Muslim’ butcheries deal in the half-price haraam carrion meat imported from places such as New Zealand. The profits are too lucrative to forgo, and the Imaan is too weak to prevent abuse of Amaanat. 


There is absolutely no permanent and valid Muslim supervision at abattoirs. Slaughtering systems are 100% in conflict with the Shariah. The ‘assurances’ given by ostensibly ‘pious’ butcheries cannot be trusted.  Money dictates everything, and Imaan has been corroded and putrefied by eating and selling carrion. Thus, the Imaani conscience is utterly destroyed. The deadened Imaan, like dead battery cells, cannot send out any danger signals. The meat and chicken situation is rotten and deplorable. 


If any trader claims that his meat/chicken products are halaal-tayyib, go and ascertain for yourself.  Satisfy yourself before devouring what could be haraam carrion. And, remember that ALL sausages and polony products must necessarily contain harmful preservatives, poisonous and haraam MSG, haraam and harmful colouants and other haraam and doubtful spices which the meat-traders procure from kuffaar manufacturers. In this age, Imaan is tested with the ‘persecution’ and ‘torture’ of abstention from consuming haraam carrion which is certified ‘halaal’ by the worst scoundrels inhabiting this planet of ours.


13 Rabiul Awwal 1436 – 5 January 2015




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