Who should take care of a woman?

Who should take care of a woman?

While the men obtain the thawaab of 100,000 raka'ts for performing Salaat in the Haram Shareef, women obtain the same thawaab for performing Salaat at home.

     Thus, their inferior status relative to males does not disadvantage them in any way whatsoever.

     With regard to the worldly benefit of a double share of inheritance, it in no way disadvantages women. This double share for males is a valid discrimination taking into account their responsibilities and obligations. The male has to financially support the woman and the children while there is no such obligation on the woman. It is not her obligation to financially support even her own children while it is the Waajib duty of the man to support his wife, children, his parents, his destitute sisters and all female relatives if they have no male to support them.

            On the other hand, a woman has no such responsibilities. In terms of this Patriarchal System of Islam, a woman may not leave her home confines to earn her livelihood. It is haraam for her to venture into the public domain in normal circumstances. 

Islam has placed numerous breadwinners and providers at her disposal. In the absence of her husband, it will be her sons. In their absence, her father. In his absence will be her brothers, then her paternal uncles, then her paternal nephews and so the chain continues.

Muslim men nowadays have degenerated to the level of the western swines of immorality, bestiality and gluttony. They have abandoned their womenfolk to the wolves in the public domain. Whereas Allah Ta'ala has created women for the home, and the males to care for them, these scoundrels in subservience to the western libertine cult have expelled their womenfolk from the home, compelling them to earn while they (the cowardly males) are shirking their responsibilities and obligations.

In addition to the unnatural and haraam burden of earning and sacrificing their shame and modesty in the public domain, these women have to bear children, attend to the children, attend to the house, the cooking, the washing, the cleaning and the bestial demands of a cowardly husband who shirks his obligations. Is this equality and justice? 


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