Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

"Whoever emulates a nation becomes of them."

Muslims have drifted so far from the Path of Imaan that they no longer have the slightest inhibition in adopting the kufr styles of Allah's enemies. Consider the kuffaar custom of bridal or wedding dresses. Today Muslims don such satanic and kufr garments with pride, little realising the Wrath and La'nat of Allah Ta'ala which accompany such garb.

The wedding dress of the kuffaar has connotations of shirk and kufr. Regarding this kufr mode of dress, the Encyclopaedia Britannica says:

Liturgical vestments have developed in a variety of fashions, some of which have become very ornate. The liturgical vestments all have symbolic meaning. In the Orthodox Church the liturgical vestments symbolize the wedding garments that enable the liturgists to share in the heavenly wedding feast, the Eucharist. The epitrach? Lion, which is worn around the neck and corresponds to the Roman stole, represents the flowing downward of the Holy Spirit. (For a fuller treatment of liturgical vestments, see RELIGIOUS DRESS AND VESTMENTS.)

(Eucharist means Holy Communion which is representative of Christ's death o­n the cross as the Christian kuffaar believe.)

Wearing these bridal dresses are therefore haraam akin to kufr.



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