“The nikah in which there is the most barakat (blessing) , is the Nikah which entails the least expenditure.” (hadith)


“And when We decide to destroy a people then We command its affluent ones. They then transgress (beyond all limits). The Decree (of Allah’s Athaab) then becomes confirmed on them. We then utterly destroy them.” (Qur’aan-e-Kareem)

A sign of the impending fate of destruction of a community is the leeway and latitude allowed to them by Allah Ta’ala to happily perpetrate their acts of transgression. When Allah Ta’ala has finally decided to eliminate a community with His Punishment, he snatches away all taufeeq of goodness from its members. They then embark on a process of reckless haraam and transgression. The decree then arrives. Suddenly and swiftly it overwhelms the transgressors. The past history and the recent history of mankind bear ample testimony to this uniform Sunnat of Allah Ta’ala, viz., His sudden and swift punishment for the transgressors, the ringleaders of whom are almost always the affluent ) the wealthy who think that they are free to do whatever they wish with the wealth Allah Ta’ala has bestowed to them. Among the acts of transgression which have to be particularly singled out, are the haraam wedding functions and the accompaniment of up-Islamic customs. These functions and the haraam activities of which they comprise are too well-known to require any elucidation. The kufr, immodest acts of intermingling of sexes, hiring of halls, displaying in exhibitions of zina, the bride, music, photography, video-ing the haraam process of the haraam wedding, decorating vehicles with hooters blaring just like the kuffaar, etc., are among the evil and satanic ingredients of these shaitaani wedding functions. Huge sums of money, usually thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of rand, are satanically squandered and thrown down the drain into Jahannum simply to provide some egoistical pleasure to the ignorant culprits who have organized these affairs. That these people are the brothers of the shaitaan, there is no doubt in it, because the Qur’aan Majeed places the seal of Satanism on them: “Do not spend extravagantly. Verily, the wasters are the brothers of the devils.”

These people while claiming to be Muslims, have absolutely no understanding of the meaning or of the demands of Imaan. Innumerable Muslims, hundreds of thousands, in the different parts of the world are languishing in dire straits of poverty, squalor and starvation) homeless and without clothes, they have been and are being brutalized by kuffaar, yet we find Muslims squandering huge amounts in haraam and immoral wedding functions. Never does it occurs to them to rather contribute the wasted money for aiding the downtrodden Ummah. Their hearts have become clogged and hardened with all the paraphernalia of kufr, hence they display all attributes of kufr on wedding occasions to gain some miserable pleasure for their nafs. They seek to project an image of greatness for themselves by digging their own hell-graves with their acts of transgression. While they labour under the extremely false notion of impressing others with their extravagance and their daughter put on display for the evil eyes of all and sundry, they succeed in only deceiving themselves. The very punishment which usually settles over the married couple who went through the spiritual torture of haraam wedding functions is the miserable relationship between husband and wife. Such marriages are overshadowed by unhappiness and misery. Many lead to divorce. When misery bogs down the marriage, they wonder what went wrong.

A large part of the blame for this rotten state of affairs has to be hoisted onto the shoulders of condescending Ulama who curry the favour of the rich by submitting to the haraam wishes of such people. These Ulama participate in the evil wedding functions and with their presence at such nikahs, such Walimahs and such functions they endeavour to confer respectability, acceptability and legality to the satanic wedding functions and customs. In participating and aiding in the functions of Satanism, these Ulama should understand that they have abdicated their role. They no longer act as bearers of the Standard of Islam. They have betrayed Islam. They betrayed Allah and His Rasool. They have betrayed the Ummah. They have joined the ranks of the ulama-e-soo’ (the evil ulama) about whom our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“….They will be the worst evil on the surface of the earth under the skies...”

When an Aalim is aware of the haraam activities contemplated after the nikah, then it does not behove him to perform such a nikah. It is his incumbent duty to refuse. Concerned Muslims, i.e. those who are concerned with the Pleasure and Displeasure of Allah, should not participate in even the nikah of persons who will be indulging in haraam satanic activities after the nikah. Their invitation to attend their walimah functions too should not be answered. This is the minimum response which a Muslim conscious of his Imaan should offer. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Love is for the sake of Allah and hatred is for the sake of Allah.”

When the community can no longer display and express or at least in the heart feel disgust for the haraam being perpetrated, they become lawful commodity for elimination by divine chastisement. It is the obligatory duty of a Muslim to register his/her disgust for Allah’s Sake. If he does not, he should examine if he still has Imaan or not. For the sake of Allah Ta’ala severing family ties is an ibaadat of high merit. Those who are supposed to be pious and those who are supposed to be Ulama should heed the following Qur’aanic Warning:

“Beware of the Punishment which will not overtake only the transgressors.”

In fact, the first whom the punishment will and should overwhelm are the condescending ulama who have betrayed Allah Ta’ala.


Female participation in public gatherings such as Jalsahs, lecture and thikr programs is lamentably and alarmingly on the increase. This haraam trend is the illegitimate offspring of Molvis (they cannot be called Ulama) who have ruined the Deen in this era. Despite the fact that these Molvis have acquired their knowledge and training from such Ulama who have unanimously proclaimed the impermissibility of female participation in any kind of public program, be it Salaat, bayaan (lecture), etc. In fact, a few years ago the Akaabir Ulama were unaware of thikr and nazam programmes for women. But nowadays women proliferate functions organized by errant molvis whose intentions are pure nafsaaniyat.

     These errant molvis beguile themselves with the cosmetic trapping of ‘separate facilities for ladies’. Both the molvis and these ladies are under the spell of shaitaan who has succeeded in hoodwinking the unholy participants in public functions. It is most lamentable that our local Ulama who have initiated Madaaris in this country, despite having studied under the auspices and supervision of Akaabir Ulama of Deoband, have strayed far from Siraatul Mustaqeem in almost every move they have made. Their gravest error has been to open the door of female fitnah wide open. Wallaah! They have outclassed the modernist deviates of a couple of decades ago. Even the modernist anti-Sunnah mobs were not so brazen as the present-day molvis in the shaitaani plot of luring women out of their homes and reducing to nothing the Qur’aanic, Sunnah and Fiqhi prohibition on female emergence and participation in public functions.

     There is a fourteen century Ijma’ of the Ummah on this prohibition. But these molvis have torn this Ijma’ to shreds with their nafsaaniyyat (crass bestiality) and jahaalat (ignorance) adorned with an outer veneer of textual knowledge.

     In total submission to their nafsaani desires, their intelligence fails to grasp the Shariah’s emphasis on the prohibition of female emergence, exhibitionism and participation in public functions be it of the loftiest kind such as Fardh Salaat. Whilst during the era of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) women – the pious Sahaabiyyah ladies – were permitted to attend the Musjid for Fardh Salaat, and which they did with strict observance of the incumbent Hijaab restrictions, even these noble ladies were unanimously prohibited from the Musjid during the age of the Sahaabah, i.e. after the demise of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Since that age, down the long corridor of Islam’s fourteen century history, this prohibition was a unanimous precept. But molvis in our age have deemed it appropriate to abrogate this sacred prohibition.

     Thus they have opened the floodgates for all the evils concomitant with female emergence and participation in public events. Hijaab dress does not justify female participation in public functions. Furthermore, Hijaab is not restricted to dress. Hijaab is a concept with many rules, the first demand of fundamental importance being confinement to the home. To aggravate the corruption, the ‘hijaab’ garments worn nowadays are not up to Shar’i standards. The ‘cloaks’ of today can never be described as Shar’i Jilbaabs.

     When the pious Sahaabiyyah ladies were banned from the Musaajid even in that wonderful era of piety and purity, what is the demand of intelligence in this age of immorality? Females driving vehicles heading for the functions have jettisoned all their natural hayaa. They vie with the males in the parking lots of the venues where the functions and jalsahs are taking place. In fact, many men are embarrassed by the audacity which the ‘burqah’ ladies exhibit when they proliferate the parking area and the Musjid/hall environs with their vehicles and shameless strutting. The ‘separate facilities’ red herring is a sham and a satanic smokescreen to lure women from their homes.

     With the advance of time, the audacity of the females will traverse all bounds of shamelessness. They are already parading audaciously in full view of the menfolk in some Musjid precincts. These jalsahs and lectures are not permissible for even pious ladies in places where proper ‘separate facilities’ are arranged.

     Hadhrat Mufti Kifaayatullah (rahmatullah alayh) issuing his Fatwa on female participation in lectures, stated: “The Fuqaha have ruled on the prohibition of women attending Jamaat Salaat, Eid Salaat and lecture gatherings. The Kutub of Fiqh clearly state that it is Makrooh Tahrimi – and this is close to Haraam – for women to attend Jamaat Salaat, Eid Salaat and lecture gatherings. There is Consensus (Ijma’) of the Ulama that it is Makrooh Tahrimi for women to attend Salaat in Jamaat. From this, every intelligent person will understand that when the prohibition applies to even Salaat, then there is no scope whatsoever for women to attend lecture gatherings.

     Due to the fitnah of the age it is not permissible for women to attend the lectures of even pious Ulama. And, if the lecture includes nazams, then any person of knowledge will have no hesitation regarding the prohibition.”

     Commenting on ‘separate facilities’ for ladies at lecture-gatherings, Hadhrat Mufti Kifaayatullah (rahmatullah alayh) said: “Purdah facilities at lecture gatherings, etc., are of no benefit. Further, the customary ‘purdah’ which is purdah merely in name, does not eliminate the possibility of fitnah. Since the primary cause of fitnah is female emergence, the ‘separate facilities’ arrangement has no bearing on the prohibition.”

     This fatwa of Mufti Kifaayatullah is in fact the Consensus of all the Fuqaha. Hakimul Ummat Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh), explaining the prohibition of female emergence, exhibition and participation in functions, said:

“The attendance of women in all types of functions is na-jaaiz (not permissible). Besides functions, women have become so shameless that they think nothing of emerging from their homes on just any pretext. Whenever they desire, they leave the home to visit friends or the sick or to go and congratulate someone on some happy occasion….. Due to considerable corruption it is not at all proper for women to emerge from their homes and move around hither and thither. The only permission they have from the Shariah is to occasionally visit their parents and other mahram relatives. But, as far as the other mahram relatives are concerned, women may visit them once or twice a year. Besides this, it is not permissible for them to go elsewhere carelessly as has become the practice. Neither should they visit relatives nor participate in marriage functions nor in functions of sorrow nor visit the sick nor go to wish and congratulate anyone.

     In fact, if there happens to be a wedding function then it is not permissible for them to go to even the houses of their mahram relatives. If a woman emerges from her home with the permission of her husband, then he too becomes a sinner just as she is a sinner. Alas! Nowhere is this hukm (law of the Shariah) observed. Of greater lament is that people do not even consider female emergence to be sinful. On the contrary, they believe it to be permissible. Ponder! All the corruption in society is the consequence of this practice (of women coming out of their homes to attend functions and gatherings). It is imperative to abandon this (evil) practice and to repent (make Taubah). In Shaami, it appears as follows:

“The woman should be prohibited from visiting ajaanib (non-relatives), even if they are sick; and she should be prohibited from attending Walimah. If the husband consents, then both are sinners. This prohibition (i.e. of attending functions applies) to even mahram relatives because generally such functions are not without fasaad (acts of sin and transgression). This is the hukm of the Shariah.”

     Despite this being the Hukm of the Shariah, and despite all the molvis being aware of this Hukm, and despite them all acknowledging the authority of Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat and of all the illustrious Fuqaha, they (the molvis of our time) flagrantly and immorally trample on this Hukm as well as other Ahkaam of the Shariah. It is not a case of a molvi committing a sin and conceal his fisq and fujoor which is his personal matter. It is an act of high treason and treachery committed against Allah’s Deen. It is a treacherous disregard for the Shariah. In perpetrating these evils under the name of Islam, these ulama-e-soo’ are in the forefront digging the foundations of Islam.

     Modernists and the variety of other zindeeqs have not harmed and damaged Islam so brutally and wantonly as the ulama-e-soo’ of our age. Furthermore, the haraam silence of sincere Ulama who abhor the villainy and the treachery of the ulama-e-soo’ has aggravated the fitnah and fasaad of the agents of shaitaan who has utilized molvis and sheikhs to mutilate this Deen of Allah with his radio appendages – with the shaitaani radio stations whose focus is on sanctifying immorality under Deeni guise.

     May Allah Ta’ala guide the miscreant molvis or if He has not willed hidaayat for them, then may He destroy these enemies of Islam and of the Ummah.


A cause for lament in the episode of haraam wedding functions is the participation of even Ulama. When even Ulama attend such functions and when they perform the Nikah of people who are indulging in such un-Islamic activities, then they lend effective support for the machinations of Shaitaan.

The sacred duty of the Ulama is to uphold, propagate and safeguard the Ahkaam and the Aqaaid of Islam. It does not behove the Ulama to perform the Nikah of persons who indulge in the satanic type of wedding functions prevalent in our society. The Ulama have no need to perform Nikahs. If an Aalim is aware of haraam  customs and evil wedding functions which have been organized, he should refuse to perform the Nikah and admonish the errant parties. It is the obligation of the Ulama to call erring Muslims to the Path of the Haqq. It is, therefore, most despicable when the Office Bearers of Islam fall prey to nafsaani motives and instead of warning people against these evils acts of extravagance and bid'ah, they themselves condone the haraam by according respectability to transgression.


Those Ulama who have abdicated the holy duty of Amr Bil Ma'roof, Nahy anil Munkar (Commanding righteousness and prohibiting evil) have betrayed Allah Ta'ala, Islam and the Ummah. Instead of treating and curing the maladies of the ailing Ummah, they have joined the ranks of the perpetrators of transgression

Much of the evil rampant in Muslim society has flourished on account of the apathy of the Ulama who have chosen the policy of dubious silence and even participation in the un-Islamic functions and gatherings of affluent people. To gain the favours of the affluent sector, some Ulama bring disgrace upon themselves by dancing to the tune of the wealthy.

When people who indulge in extravagant exhibitions of haraam wedding functions approach the Ulama to have their nikah performed, it devolves on these Office Bearers of the Shariah to advise and admonish their brethren. If they persist in their desire for the haraam function, the Ulama should refuse to perform the nikah. The parties concerned can make their own arrangements for the nikah. Anyone can perform the nikah. There is no need for the Maulana Saheb to perform the nikah. The Aalim should register his protest by total dissociation from the entire affair – wedding function, so-called walimah and nikah.

The function which is nowadays described as the walimah, is not the Masnoon Walimah ordered by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). A host of Shar'i violations is perpetrated at these western functions which are dubbed with Islamic names. It is highly improper for a Maulana Saheb to grace these un-Islamic gatherings.


The Aalim's function is to provide Naseehah, not to aid in the evils which the ignorant masses have introduced. When the Ulama fail in their holy task of guiding Muslims, then there seems very little hope for the reformation of the Ummah. Only Ulama with healthy spiritual hearts possess the ability to uphold the Deen. Those whose hearts are diseased, fall within the category of ulama-e-soo' (evil ulama) whose actions and opinions destroy the Deen of the masses.

The Ulama represent the heart of the community. If the heart is ailing, the entire body will ail. With the Heart of the Ummah sick and malfunctioning, Muslims cannot acquire the requisite guidance because Naseehah is no longer for the sake of Allah Ta'ala. If Naseehah is for Allah's sake, the Ulama will at all times proclaim the Haqq regardless of the anger and displeasure of the people. But, when the Ulama are directed by worldly motives, their Naseehah will be tuned to appease the pleasure of people, especially of the affluent class. When they debase themselves to this level, the Ulama will become despicable in the eyes of the very affluent people whose pleasure and favours they court


Performing Nikahs, Imamate and other social activities are secondary roles for the Ulama. These are not their main duties. Any non-Aalim can execute these duties. The prime duty of the Ulama is to act as the Standard Bearers of the Shariah. It is their Fardh obligation to protect the Deen against the interpolations and misinterpretations of the people of Baatil. It is the waajib duty of the Ulama to advise and admonish the community on Deeni issues. It is required of the Ulama to attract the community towards the Aakhirah and to slacken the ties of Muslims with this perishable world. But, instead of performing these lofty duties, it is observed that the Ulama themselves have become entrapped in the quagmire of worldly contamination and base desires. Ulama who have abandoned their obligation of Amr Bil Ma'roof for the sake of worldly benefits are among the greatest disasters  which have beset Muslims.


Among the major sins of the heart is the disruption of Family Ties. This sin of extremely grave proportions, is akin to murder. More precisely it is spiritual murder. One who maliciously, without valid Shar'i cause severs family or blood ties is an accursed person who is deprived of Allah's Rahmat even on the great and auspicious Nights of Bara'ah and Qadr when Allah's special mercy engulfs entire creation.

After the creation of Family Ties in the realm long before the Creation of this world, Allah Ta'ala said to it:

"Whoever joins you, I shall join him and whoever severs you, I shall sever him."

In other words, Allah Ta'ala will bestow abundant goodness and barkat of all kinds on those who maintain Family Ties by acts of aid and kindness. On the other hand, Allah will punish and ruin those who destroy or sever Family Ties.

Hadhrat Aishah (radhiyallahu anha) narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: "Ar-rahim (i.e. Family Ties) hangs onto the Arsh (Throne of Allah Ta'ala) and it says: 'Whoever maintains me, Allah will maintain him, and whoever severs me, Allah will sever him'."

The Shariah commands observance of Family Ties even with inimical relatives. According to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) true sustainment of Family Ties is to be kind to relatives who are unkind to one.

The Shar'i emphasis on sustainment of Family Ties should however not be misconstrued. It is not lawful to please relatives by conforming to any of their unlawful demands. If for example, the family member requires one to attend a walimah in which Shari violations are committed, it will not be permissible to attend. In such cases the upholder of the Shariah will not be guilty of severing Family Ties. He / she merely submits to the Command of Allah Ta'ala. The relative who becomes annoyed and offended will be guilty of the crime of severing Family Ties.Those who are malicious towards their relatives suffer not only spiritual harm, the fire of their malice and envy consumes them physically.


The Sunnat Walimah (marriage feast) is not the customary wedding feast organized by the girl’s parents on the day of the nikah. The walimah is the simple, unostentatious feast which the husband has at his home after the Nikah, where a few friends, relatives and some poor participate


    If invited to a Walimah which is free of evil and haraam acts, it is Waajib to attend. This Wujoob (compulsion) falls away if there are musical instruments and singers at the function. In Kitaabul Majmoo’-Sharhul Muhazzab, which is an authoritative kitaab of the Shaafi Math-hab, it appears as follows:

“If invited to a walimah where there are evils such as wine and musical instruments, leave alone singers and dancers and the like, then if one is aware of this (the presence of musical instruments, etc.) before attending and one has the power to eliminate it, then it is incumbent to attend because it is Waajib to respond to the invitation and to eliminate the evil. If one is unable to eliminate the evil, then it is not incumbent to attend nor Mustahab…..”


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