Having Extramarital Affairs

Having Extramarital Affairs

Among the worst acts of zulm on a wife is a man’s involvement with another woman beyond the confines of Nikah. Some men to soothe their conscience and to justify or at lease minimize the notoriety of extramarital affairs will produce a number of utterly baseless excuses. The nagging of the wife, her laziness, her quarrelsome attitude, her disobedience, etc. will be cited as reasons for the man’s affair with another woman. Let them understand that even if their wives are truly disobedient, there is no permission and no justification for initiating a haraam affair.

These western ideas are not tenable in Islam. How will a man feel if

he discovers his wife having an extramarital affair?

A husband who involves himself in such spiritual contamination betrays his wife, his children and his Deen. He must think of his wife, faithfully at home, doing her best for his comfort. She waits for him eagerly to come home. She hero-worships him. She slaves for him when he is ill. She sacrifices her rest, pleasure and comfort to ensure that he gets the maximum of rest and comfort. She tends to his food and clothes. She looks after his children. While she happily and faithfully busies herself for his benefits, he most despicably and heartlessly stabs her in the back by ‘enjoying’ himself in a haraam way with another woman. This is not among the ways of an honourable husband. This is not the way of a Pious Husband.

In pursuing this abominable path like a miserable sewer rat, the husband must tell himself that he is accountable for his misdeed to Allah Azza wa Jal – he is accountable for his betrayal to his wife, he is accountable for his zulm to his children.

A husband caught up in the wretched trap of an extramarital affair needs to rudely and harshly break from the woman in whose clutches he has become entrapped. If he is sincere and remorseful, and if he sincerely seeks Allah’s aid, he can extricate himself from the quagmire of this heartrending situation and spiritual pollution.

Extract from: Az-Zaujus Saalih - The Pious Husband - By Musjisul Ulama of S.A


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