Westernization with its consequence of Kufrization (production of kufr in the minds of Muslims) have desensitized the Imaan of Muslims to the degree of kufr. The Call of Allah Azza Wa Jal via His Shariah no longer makes an impact on the brains and hearts of even the so-called ulama who will prepare elaborate ‘fatwas’ of jahaalat to present destructive poisons ‘halaal’ for Muslim consumption. Thus we see Muftis while ignoring the mass of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr in which the Ummah is sinking, leaving no stone unturned in their shaitaani attempt to make ‘halaal’ poisonous  filth such as soft drinks.  For achieving this nefarious objective, these muftis hallucinate ‘daleels’ to force the hillat of the intoxicant ethanol for the sole reason of making ‘halaal’ the poisonous fizzy drinks which are destroying the health of  the nation.

 The thinking of the ulama have become so kufr-oriented that their primary concerns on life have become halaalization of haraam. Thus, halaaization of poisons, filth, carrion and riba are among their vile feats they accomplish in their darul iftas. The physical health, the spiritual health, the moral health, Allah’s Pleasure and the Concerns of Maut, Barzakh and the Aakhirah are today no longer the objectives of the Darul Ulooms, Darul Iftas and Khaanqas. Everything and all the focus is on the acquisition of the dunya and gratification of the inordinate bestial demands of the nafs.

Perhaps Muslims who have lost the way of Siraatul Mustaqeem and who have no concern and respect for the Shariah, may have mercy on their own bodies and souls by at least heeding the advice of their masters the kuffaar scientists who have confirmed the extreme harm and damage caused by soft drinks/fizzy drinks. The following report on this issue should  act as an eye opener for  Muslims, especially for the  ulama who mock the prohibitions of Allah Aza Wa jal with their waste-paper basket ‘fatwas’ of jahaalat.



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