1. Interview with the MBS Murtad (06.11.21)

2. The Covid Conspiracy (05.11.21)

3. Fatwa of the Canadian Imams (04.11.21)

4. Mufti Taqis Corrupt Vaccine Fatwa (03.11.21)

5. UUCSA's Kufr to Destroy the Shariah (02.11.21)

6. The Great Covid Fraud (01.11.21)

7. Rev Bhams Drivel and Idiocy (31.10.21)

8. The Plague and the Scholar of the Devil (06.07.21)



1. Kitâbouç Cowm-French (11.11.21)

2. Kitâboul Mîrâth-French (10.11.21)

3. Kitaabus Salaat (Spanish) - (12.02.21)

4. Kitaabul Imaan (Spanish)- (13.02.21)

5. Kitaabut Tahaarah (Spanish)- (15.02.21)

6. Kitaabul Janaa-iz (Spanish)- (16.02.21)

7. Zarooratul Muslimeen (Zulu)- (18.02.21)

8. Havrede Sérénité (French)- (20.02.21)



Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -The Plague And 6 Points To Be Aware Of (added-01.01.22)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Barkat In Time (added-09.11.21)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Your Salaah (added-08.11.21)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Firm Intention To Abandon Sin (added-01.04.21)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Sins That Will Ruin One If Continued (added-31.03.21)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Our Condition (added-21.03.21))

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -Supermarkets and Marketplaces (added-23.02.21)

Hadhrat Moulana A.S Desai -10 Surahs And Benefits (added-12.11.20)


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1. What’s the Point of Reciting what I don’t Understand? (15.10.20)

2. A Historic Lecture (19.09.20)

3. Unity In Islam (09.08.20)

4. Some Rules Of Salaat (06.08.20)

5. Fear for Allah (03.08.20)

6. Ibaadat is not only Salaat, Fasting etc... (22.11.2019)

7. 19 Etiquette's of Salaam(greetings) (05.05.2019)


9. Hadhrat Umar- Summoned to Court (07.04.2019)

10.Perhaps This is the Last sin (03.04.2018)



































Make constant Dua for Shifa’ and recite Istighfaar in abundance because most of our sicknesses are due to:

* Sins, including the sin of over-eating. The Sages of Islam say that the root of all sicknesses is the stomach.

* Usurping and trampling on the Huqooq (Rights) of others. If this is the case, then make amends regarding usurped and unfulfilled Huqooq because without  having made amends, Taubah and Istighfaar are of no avail.

* Consuming haraam and mushtabah food

* Consuming  food laced with chemical ingredients such as preservatives, colourants,  emulsifiers, stabilizers, and a litany of E Numbers which conceal the true nature of the poisons which you  consume.

The efficacy of spiritual remedies involving Qur’aanic aayaat and Allah’s Names is commensurate with Taqwa and abstention from sin and haraam. For example, certain Qur’aanic verses are  remedies for  eye problems. However, if  the patient  continues viewing television, he/she should not expect to be cured with the Qur’aanic remedy. The condition of the eyes will progressively deteriorate with indulgence in television.

      Similarly, a man who is guilty of zulm (oppression/injustice) having usurped the huqooq (rights) of others will not find cure in Qur’aanic remedies. He has to first make amends by fulfilling the rights, seeking pardon and repenting.  In fact, zulm is such an abhorrent evil that it effaces the efficacy of even physical medication. In most cases the diseases which befall a zaalim (oppressor) are the effects of the Curses of the mazloom (oppressed). Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Beware of the curse of the mazloom. Allah raises the curse above the clouds and  the Doors of heaven are opened up for it, and Rabb says: ‘I take oath by My Might! I shall aid you even if it is after some time.”

      People should not lose sight of the fact that they are dealing with a Being Who does not forget. Even after years, the Divine Whip strikes. Allah Ta’ala grants man respite of even years to make amends and reform himself. When he adopts an incorrigible attitude of recklessness, the Punishment is swift and appalling. May Allah Ta’ala save us from His Wrath.




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