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1. Jalsahs of Riya, Takabbur and Israaf (24.08.20)

2. The Red Herring Presentation Of Ahadith On The Issue Of Contagion (23.08.20)

3. Drowning In An Ocean Of Vice & Immorality (22.08.20)

4. A Doctor's Brain (21.08.20)

5. Spectre of Kufr and Satanism In SA Courts (20.08.20)

6. Kufr Call of The Munaafiq Reverend of The Cross (27.06.20)

7. Social Distancing-Haraam Saff Formation (26.06.20)

8. Mark of the Beast (25.06.20)





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A Mufti, in his talk, said that in Jihad it is permissible kill the women and children of the kuffaar even if they do not participate in actual fighting. He justifies his views on the basis of certain Ahaadith which mention that Rasulullah (sallallahualayhi wasallam) had allowed a fortof the kuffaar to be assaulted with‘bombs’ (rocks) from huge catapults which were used during times of war to batter forts and walls. This was allowed despite women and children having taken refuge inside the fort. The Mufti contends that it is permissible to do to the kuffaar what they do to Muslims. Since they kill Our women and children indiscriminately, it is permissible for Muslims to do the same to their women and children. Is the Mufti correct?


No! The Mufti is in grievous error. Jihad is a sacred institution of Islam. It is encumbered with many rules and regulations.....

 Its primary objective is to spread and establish on earth the Deen of Allah Ta’ala. Its objective is not to kill people unnecessarily, especially in ways which are nugatory of the objective of Jihad.

Those who propagate the permissibility of indiscriminate killing of women, children and even males who are non-participants in the actual fighting suffer from myopic mental vision. His view is moronic. Muslims are not expected to behave like the barbarians of the Western world who excel in torture and brutality. Torture, mutilation and indiscriminate killing are haraam. The Ahaadith explicitly prohibit killing women, children, monks in their monasteries, the blind and physically deformed persons. Also prohibited by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is unnecessary killing of animals, setting fire to vegetation and destroying orchards, All acts of unnecessary destruction are prohibited in Jihad. This command of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was strictly implemented  by the Khulafa-e-Raashideen. If indiscriminate killing was allowed, then Rasulullah’s prohibition to kill women, children, etc. would be meaningless. However, when those who are exempted from being killed also participate in the fighting or aid the fighting against Muslims or the kuffaar soldiers use them as shields, or they happen to be in the kuffaar barracks and fortresses which Muslims are attacking, then killing them becomes either unavoidable or necessary. But when they pose no threat to the Muslim army, it will not be permissible to kill them To kill women and children in retaliation for the barbarous acts of the kuffaar army is not permissible. Kuffaar are barbarians. Muslims are not supposed to acquit themselves as barbarians and savages. Placing bombs in  marketplaces, churches, on trains and planes used by the general public and in other public places frequented by the ordinary people who are not involved in the actual fighting nor are they part of the war machinery, is not permissible. Those who advocate indiscriminate killing, either intentionally or stupidly, cast a blind eye on the Ahaadith and the rulings of the Fuqaha prohibiting such  killing. Since they are not grounded in Knowledge, they lack the understanding of reconciling the apparently contradictory   narrations. Killing those who are normally exempted, is the exception to the general rule, and is dictated by special circumstances.



The Madrid Bombings in the Light of the Shariah


[Mujlisul Ulama, 2004]


Since it appears that Muslims were responsible for the recent bombings in Spain, a need has developed to explain these events in the light of the Shariah of Islam so that all confusion and misgiving are eliminated. For a proper understanding of this event and the Islamic Ruling for it, it is necessary to first understand the purpose of Islam. Why did Allah Ta’ala dispatch Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to earth with His Final Message, the Shariah of Islam?


There is no gainsaying the purpose of Islam is the salvation (Najaat ) of mankind in the Aakirah. Islam came to extricate mankind from the morass of kufr, shirk, immorality and debauchery. It came to guarantee the everlasting success and pleasure of the Hereafter for Allah’ s makhlooq (creation—man and jinn). There is no other goal of Islam other than this one aim. This goal is achieved by means of Da’wat and Tableegh — propagating Islam to mankind. Entire mankind is the target of Islamic Da’wat and Tableegh . The ancestors of the more than a billion Muslims in the world were all Mushrikeen and kuffaar. Islam first came to the Arab nation. The Sahaabah carried the Message of this Deen to every corner of the world.


The claim that the people of the world were forcibly converted to Islam is a historical fallacy and a gigantic slander. Undoubtedly, the Sword of Jihad served to conquer the lands of the kuffaar thereby clearing the pathway for Da’wat and Tableegh. The aim of gaining political domination of the lands of the kuffaar was never territorial or any other mundane considerations. The aim was solely to establish a free and friendly environment where Da’wat and Tableegh would find freeplay with no enemy forces to hinder its progress.


Jihad while essential and a fundamental requirement of Islam, is not an end in itself. It is a means for the acquisition of the higher and nobler aim of propagating the Deen to the creation of Allah Ta’ala so that all people could be saved from the everlasting damnation of the Hereafter. Jihad being the means for a great and noble achievement and goal, is therefore, a principled institution of Islam. It is an obligation regulated by numerous laws. It is not an act of anarchy and revenge perpetrated to brutalise mankind.


Brutalisation of Allah’s creatures is an integral part of the character of the kuffaar. We observe its conspicuous manifestation today in Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Kashmir. In the world of today, Americans, Britishers, Jews and Hindus, excel in the perpetration of state- terrorism — legalized terrorism — horror, torture and brutality. Every day volumes of testimony pile up all over the globe to damn these kuffaar who excel in savagery against mankind in general and against Muslims in particular.


Responding to the enemy claim that Islam was spread by the sword, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “There is no compulsion in Deen. ” This is a specific negation of forcible conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. This aayat does not mean that the Islamic state may not utilize coercive power to compel Muslims to comply with the Shariah. The relevant Qur’aanic verse simply means that non-Muslims may not be converted by force because the repository of Imaan is the heart, and this receptacle of Belief cannever be converted by force. Only propagation, persuasion and display of sterling character can win over the hearts.


The very first group of Muballigheen who carried aloft the Message of Islam was the Sahaabah who had converted entire nations by active Tableegh , i.e. by means of their wonderful character. The paramount importance of Imaan is such that right in the battlefield if a defeated enemy who is on the verge of being slain by a Muslim blurts out the Kalimah — La- ilaha illa llaah— then it is haraam to slay him. His verbal proclamation of the Islamic formula of Imaan guarantees the safety of his life, honour and property even if he had uttered it merely to save his life while his heart remains filled with kufr.


Human life is sacred. Molesting and harming the creatures—even the animals and inanimate objects — without valid Shar’i reason are evil acts strictly proscribed by Islam. The sanctity of human life is adequately borne out by the command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to the Sahaabah to refrain from killing women, children and all civilians who are not active participants in the war against the Muslim army waging Jihad.


There is no greater crime in Islam than kufr and shirk. Yet, the Shariah prohibits the killing of mushrik and kuffaar priests and monks who are engaged in their baatil acts of worship. Islam prohibits a scorched earth policy. Even trees and crops may not unnecessarily be destroyed in Jihad campaigns.


If the goal of Islam and its institution of Jihad have been properly understood, then it will not be difficult to understand what the attitude of Muslims should be in Jihad and when dealing with non-Muslims. The very first objective of Jihad is Da’wat and Tableegh . If the audience or the targets of Islamic prop a gation are alienated by implanting hatred for Muslims in their hearts, the avenue of Da’wat and Tableegh will be sealed. How can a person who has been brutalized be asked to accept the religion of the brutaliser? What will be the response and the attitude of such non-Muslims t o Da’wat and Tableegh if they have gained the impression that Islam advocates their extermination and allows horrendous methods of eliminating even women and children?


If the Sahaabah had adopted the tactic of massacre and brutality, would we today have been Muslims? Our ancestors were Hindus, Buddhists,Christians and mushriks of a variety of persuasions. But today, we are proud to be Believers in Tauheed. If in the minds of the Spanish non-Muslims the idea is solidified that Islam advocates what had transpired in Madrid recently, is it possible to invite them to Islam and their everlasting Najaat in the Aakhirah?


Regardless of the injustices, the cruelty, the piracy and brutality which Christians (Americans and Britishers) are perpetrating and regardless of their conspiracy to eliminate Islam, we, the Torch-Bearers of true civilization and the Standard-Bearers of Tauheed and Hidaayah for Allah’s Makhlooq are not allowed by the Shariah to descend to the inhuman level to which the Madrid bombers had sunk to.


Is it justice and an act of holy jihad to mutilate, maim and kill Spanish civilians—men, women and children—as a punishment for the crimes committed by Bush and Blair? By what Islamic criterion can any Muslim justify this horrible misdeed? Furthermore, the majority of the Spanish non-Muslims had demonstrated against the invasion of Iraq . They had opposed their government which had supported the brutality in Iraq. The very ones who had opposed the American invasion have been dealt with mercilessly by some Muslims who do not have the faintest idea of the Islamic concept of Jihad. Millions of non-Muslims, all over the world, even in America and Britain , had marched in demonstrations in opposition to the invasion. Innumerable non-Muslims in all non-Muslim countries are opposed to the murderous policies and criminal activities of Bush and Blair. What law now calls form meting out brutal treatment to such people? It cannever be Islamic law – never the Shariah of Islam.


What had transpired in Spain— the Madrid bombings and murders — are Haraam, cruel and savage in the extreme, be the perpetrators Muslims. Muslims who commit such acts are westernized Muslims who have no understanding of Islam and its goals. They have inherited the attitude of barbarism from the west. Islam never teaches such inhumanity. Islam is a spiritual and a celestial culture embodying all the noble qualities. The atrocities which so-called westernized ‘mujahideen’ perpetrate in the name of Islam are never part of Islamic Jihad. Those who are guilty of such horrendous misdeeds are the followers of Bush and Blair and their institution of horrible torture, viz., the CIA.


When Muslims lack the power to face and defeat the enemy on the battlefield of Jihad, they have to adopt Sabr, morally reform themselves and develop spiritually until the Nusrat of Allah Ta’ala arrives. The time will then be ripe for destroying the enemies on the battle-field to clear the path for the propagation of the Message of Allah Ta’ala in the endeavour to present Salvation in the Hereafter to Allah’s creatures. Muslims should remember that torture and brutality should be left to Bush and Blair. Muslims are not allowed by Islam to vie with butchers in their acts of butchery in which they murder tens of thousands of women and children in the most horrendous and cowardly way as is evidenced on a daily basis in Iraq and Palestine.



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