1. Qunoot e-Naazilah- The Stance Of The Hanafi Math-Hab (22.02.24)

2. Slanders of a Trash Salafi Shaykh (15.11.23)

3. For Friends-Volume 2 (Booklets 13-24) (23.10.23)

4. For Friends-Volume 1(Booklets 1-12) (21.10.23)

5. The Worst-Ever Satanic Daleel For Halaalizing Television (20.0.23)

6. Visiting and Respecting Abodes Of Kufr And Shirk (26.08.23)

7. Malfoozaat-Part 7 (24.08.23)

8. The Collaboration and Integration Stupidity Of Another Jaahil (01.08.23)



1. Kitâbouç Cowm-French (11.11.21)

2. Kitâboul Mîrâth-French (10.11.21)

3. Kitaabus Salaat (Spanish) - (12.02.21)

4. Kitaabul Imaan (Spanish)- (13.02.21)

5. Kitaabut Tahaarah (Spanish)- (15.02.21)

6. Kitaabul Janaa-iz (Spanish)- (16.02.21)

7. Zarooratul Muslimeen (Zulu)- (18.02.21)

8. Havrede Sérénité (French)- (20.02.21)



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1. What’s the Point of Reciting what I don’t Understand? (15.10.20)

2. A Historic Lecture (19.09.20)

3. Unity In Islam (09.08.20)

4. Some Rules Of Salaat (06.08.20)

5. Fear for Allah (03.08.20)

6. Ibaadat is not only Salaat, Fasting etc... (22.11.2019)

7. 19 Etiquette's of Salaam(greetings) (05.05.2019)


9. Hadhrat Umar- Summoned to Court (07.04.2019)

10.Perhaps This is the Last sin (03.04.2018)




































 10 Rajab 1438 (30 April 2015)


‘And We sent not the signs except to warn, and to make them afraid (of destruction).' [Holy Qur'an 17: 59]

Mankind's technological progress creates an illusion that no matter what the odds are or what the challenges are, man will always be victorious. A false notion prevails that with the aid of technology, we will succeed in warding off calamities, defeat disasters and conquer any challenge that we may be faced with.

History has proved man to be wrong time and again. Technology cannot defeat the Divine Plans and alter the Schemes of Allah Ta'aala. Man will never succeed in harnessing the Power of Allah Azza Wajal. Man will never tame the Armies of Allah Azza Wajal.

The Earth is very much alive to our deeds. The Earth observes our deeds, good and bad. On the Day of Qiyamah the Earth will bear witness! “That Day, it will report its news.”(Surah Zilzal)

The Earth is an obedient creation of Allah Azza Wajal. Says Allah, Most High: “To Him belongs every being that is in the heavens and on earth: all are devoutly obedient to Him.” (Holy Qur'an 30:26)

The Earth cries when a Muslim passes away. No more will Allah be worshipped by this Muslim upon its belly. And when a non-Muslim dies, the Earth does not shed any tears. Allah Ta’aala has informed us: “And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them.”

Amongst the Armies of Allah Azza Wajal is the earth. It was this army of Allah which destroyed Qaroon. “Or do you feel secure that He, Who is over the Heaven, will not cause the earth to sink with you, then behold it shakes (as in an earthquake)? [Al-Qur’aan 67:16-17]

Allah Azza Wajal has innumerable Armies on standby. A single “Kun” (Be) and the Armies rapidly respond. Amongst the Armies of Allah Azza Wajal is the earth. It was this army of Allah which destroyed the arrogant Qaroon.

It is this army, who in a short space of two weeks, TWICE gave us a mild warning: “Your disobedience will not be tolerated much longer. You sins are burdening me.” Which sins? We may ask.

A twenty saff Masjid that is filled to capacity for Juma'ah, has only one saff for Fajr. This tells us that 95% of Muslims have abandoned their Fajr Salaah. if for Maghrieb Salaah there are four saffs of Musalleees, this tells us that 80% of the community abandoned their Maghrieb Salaah. Hadhrat Moosa alayhi salaam was once informed that the sin of a single Salaah being missed is worse than committing adultery in which a child was born and murdered.

Yes, we sin without conscience. We usurp inheritances, deal in stolen goods, commit fraud, do not pay for services rendered and deal in interest.

Yes, we sin without remorse. Morning after morning we shave the Sunnah of Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wasallam without a twang of a conscience. We scream against the West but love to ape them in every aspect of life.

Yes, we sin without shame. We commit adultery and boast about it. We gamble and recite the Holy Name of Allah before throwing a dice. We advertise and propagate our sins. Our weddings are filled with obscene extravagances. We boast and brag about it. By Allah, we have been warned by History not to underestimate the anger of the Earth. In January 2010, a massive earthquake hit Haiti. It will take decades for that country to return to what it was. We still have a chance...perhaps a last one. May we turn seriously unto Allah and make Taubah before we are afflicted with a painful punishment. Ameen

In just THIRTY SECONDS, the earthquake in Haiti killed 220,000.

300,000 people were injured and over

188,383 houses were badly damaged.

105,000 were destroyed and 1.5m people became homeless.

“Such is the Seizure of your Rabb when He seizes the towns while they are doing wrong. Verily, His Seizure is painful and severe.” (Surah Hood, Aayat 102)



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