Advice from Baayazid Bistaami (Rahmatullah Alayh)-EXTRACTED FROM THE MAJLIS - VOL 1 ISSUE 5 [from Rajab 1396/ June 1976]


[from Rajab 1396/ June 1976] 

ARTICLE 6 [The Majlis- vol1 issue 5, pg4]

Bayazid Bistaami (Rahmatullah alayh) said,

“He who acquires knowledge in order to be honoured will be deprived of the object of knowledge (viz ., the pleasure of Allah)

“Allah Ta’ala bestows three qualities on those whom he chooses as His friends.

  1. Generocity like the oceans
  2. Kindness like the warmth of the sun
  3. Humility like the earth (which is trampled underfoot)”

“Allah Ta’ala appoints a ‘Fir-oun’ over every man accepted by Allah. This ‘Fir-oun’ then molests the chosen one of Allah.”

“He who shuns ‘hirs’ (greed) and ‘hawaa’ (lowly desires) will attain to the truth”

“ In the knowledge of Deen is life. In the Ma’rifat of Allah is the rest of the heart. In the Zikr of Allah is the Pleasure of the Believer.”

“ The servant of Allah attains the state of perfection when he recognises his faults and diverts the attention of his heart from creation. When he rises to this state Allah Ta’ala draws him into His Close Proximity.”



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