Most processed foodscontain the MSG poison. Research has established the danger to health posed by MSG (monosodium glutamate). “As little as two tablespoons of it (MSG) has been shown to cause epileptic convulsions and death in animals such as dogs. MSG is a highly reactive amino acid. It is used by scientists in studies to purposely cause death to areas of the brain and it is fed to rodents to make a strain of obese and pre-diabetic subjects. MSG is classified as a neurotoxin: too much of it introduced to the brain can cause rapid cell death. It is this kind of destruction that John Erib states is the cause of ADHD and Autism.

     “When a woman becomes pregnant, the placental barrier is not fully formed in the first month of fetal development. The chemicals the mother eats can go directly to the developing child. The glutamate stimulates rapid growth in the brain, creating ADHD symptoms……. Women are being exposed to a major toxin that can cause irreparable damage to their child even before they discover they are pregnant.”

     “MSG has been hidden in food ingredient lists as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed yeast extract, soy protein isolate, and many other names. Every year the amount of this substance hidden in foods rises astronomically. Just because the name MSG does not appear on the label does not mean that the food does not contain the excitotoxin glutamate.”

     “John Erb, author of the book, The Slow Poisoning of America, believes that MSG is the food industry’s equivalent of Nicotene. When ingested by human test subjects MSG directly affects the pancreas, stimulating it to triple its standard output of insulin……….The pancreas becomes so out of control that the body starts producing killer T-cells to shut it down.”

     “Is it any wonder why diabetes, obesity and lethargy in our children are at an all-time high? Junk foods, processed foods, even school foods are laced with large amounts of glutamates. Too much glutamate in the brain over excites the neurons until they die. Many people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines can trace their trigger to eating too much MSG.”

(Reproduced from Global Intelligence Review)



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