Boskop Layer Chicks is South Africa’s third0 largest producer of eggs of brutality. The media has reported that every week this egg producer dumps 70,000 male chicks in an empty farm dam to die. The helpless day old chicks take up to five days to horribly perish as a result of starvation and suffocation. Tens of millions of male chicks have been brutally murdered in this way over the years by this producer of eggs. It should be understood that all egg-producers practise the same system of brutality to eliminate male chicks because they are “economically worthless” since they do not lay eggs. Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay have banned the eggs of this producer and will no longer stock these products of brutality.

The following account graphically illustrates the systematic brutality practised by the broiler hen egg industry:

“Along with defective and slow-hatching female chicks, the U.S. egg industry trashes 250 million male chicks as soon as they hatch because roosters don’t lay eggs. Instead of being sheltered by a mother hen’s wings, the newborns are ground up alive or thrown into trashcans where they slowly suffocate on top of one another, peeping pitifully as a human foot stomps them down to make room for more chicks.” -- United Poultry Concerns, Inc, U.S.A.

Every Muslim can understand and will acknowledge that Islam has absolutely no relationship with this cruel egg industry which perpetrates such horrendous brutality to produce eggs. It is never permissible for Muslims to consume eggs of such brutality. The whole satanic system of killing chickens for meat consumption and brutally exterminating millions of day-old chicks in the egg-production system are haraam. A haraam system does not produce halaal eggs. It is the incumbent obligation of Muslims to abstain from consuming these satanic eggs. The alternative is ‘free range’ eggs. And, if ‘free range’ eggs are unavailable, the alternative is to consume any of the abundant varieties of halaal food.


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