“If ginger doesn’t work for your nausea, Jim LaValle, ND, a pharmacist, naturopathic physician, and founder of the LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati, says that honey can settle your stomach, too. When nausea or nausea and vomiting strike, he suggests taking a teaspoon of raw honey each hour for a few hours.” – The Green Pharmacy


“Haemorrhoids are actually varicose veins that form inside the rectum or around the opening of the anus. They’re caused by increased pressure on the veins from sitting and being constipated. The best way to deal with hemorrhoids is to prevent them, and the best way to do that is to prevent constipation – which is all about eating right.

Apples are an excellent choice because they contain both kinds of fiber…..Most of the fiber in apples is in the skin, so eat your apples unpeeled. If you’re constipated, try eating three or four small apples a day to clear things up.

Beans are another super-fiber food…. However, beans are  well-known gas producers, so try this trick: Flavor your beans with fresh or ground ginger (yet another natural laxative and haemorrhoid-helper), which reduces the gas beans can create..

Berries are tiny powerhouses in the fight against constipation and hemorrhoids. Elderberries top the list… Raspberries are next with blackberries coming third. Blueberries and strawberries are good too.


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